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"A recent landmark study showed that when movements grow to 3.5% of a population, they reach a tipping point where systemic change becomes not only possible but probable." -- David Suzuki Foundation

P.A.L. is a bold revolutionary movement led by dedicated, caring, and fun volunteers. We cherish our wildlife, care for our planet (and its future!), and love our city. We lead by our actions, inspire by our attitude, and most importantly, we never give up. 

If a mere 1% of Brampton's population picked up 5 pieces of litter a week, for only 30 weeks in a year, we'd have removed nearly 1 million contaminants from our environment. For one person, picking up 5 pieces of litter a week should take less than 5 minutes. 

Now, let's up the ante a little. If 5% of Brampton's population picked up 10 pieces of litter a week (a 10-minute committment!) again for 30 weeks, we'd have removed over 9 million contaminants. 

Is that unnecessarily difficult? We don't think it is. Litter is unsightly and disgusting - it's hard to find anyone who'd disagree. For another, we've found that picking up litter is addictive; once you start, it's hard to stop. If we can mobilize only 30,000 Bramptonians (5% of the population), the results will be apparent in a very short time frame.

Brampton, however, is a large city as far as cities go. P.A.L. is following Brampton's layout of Wards (and perhaps even neighbourhoods), with ward leads overseeing and organizing teams to clean-up small areas within each ward. There could be small groups choosing a location that is special to them, like a park, a schoolyard, a church, or a block, and making it a litter-free zone. We'd like to get youth, senior, religious, school, charitable, and corporate groups involved.

As litter clean-ups take place, groups (overseen by Ward leads) send cleanup counts and locations to our central leadership team, which maintains a public database of cleaned tonnage and litter-free zones. As we remove more and more litter from Brampton's parks and streets, it becomes a testament to the impacts citizens can have by uniting around a cause and working together. 

With proven results on our backs, our movement will gain the attention of politicians, corporations, and media. 

If we can recruit 30,000 caring citizens to pick up litter weekly, and organize 200+ community cleanups per year, we can achieve a litter-free Brampton in 2023. All that's needed is a will to do it.


Does our work end at a litter-free Brampton?

No! P.A.L. is a movement and not an organization. We do not intend to perpetually clean up litter.

To achieve that, we need to change social norms around littering. As we engage citizens, politicians, corporations, and media, we will pounce on every opportunity to demonstrate to all Bramptonians the consequences of littering, and encourage them to step in when and where they see it happening. Although this can and will stop micro-scale littering from happening, stricter by-law enforcement is necessary to protect against larger scale dumping. P.A.L. plans to pressure municipal governments to this end.

Our ideal is not only a Brampton free of litter, but one where littering doesn't happen. We will stop at nothing to achieve this.